Junco’s Story

Junco’s Story

Junco is a small paint horse I bought in Outaouais in 2004 when he was a year old.

Junco came to live with me at my parent’s home. We bought our first batch of hay from a neighbour who had harvested it on a rainy day. Having no knowledge on the harvesting of hay, the fact that the hay was harvested on a rainy day did not make a difference at the time. We stored the hay in our hot barn. I fed my foal this hay for a week and he started immediately and perpetually to cough.

At 4 years old, Junco had his first major asthma attacks. Junko suffered from coughing, laboured and impaired breathing. His symptoms were accompanied by chronic and frequent asthma attacks. At the end of that year Junco received his first long acting cortisone shot. His situation improved minimally. Throughout the next few years he suffered from asthma and was diagnosed with HEAVES. He would have his most severe attacks in the spring and autumn seasons.

Around 8 years old, things took a turn for the worst. The spring was a horrible period. Junko’s inability to breathe was chronic. We had begun the process of wetting the hat we fed Junko to help with the symptoms. At the time, we were boarding Junko and the costs associated with the preparation of his food (wetting the hay) raised my boarding costs extraordinarily. It took pleading and much negotiation to get the bard management to agree to feed Junko wet hay and they would only do it if he would be in chronic respiratory distress.

I was at a loss. I was watching my horse deteriorate before my eyes. There were no solutions. Along with medications, I tried everything available on the market from syrups to herbal supplements. I was beginning the process of finding my own farm to acquire in order to be able to feed Junko wet hay myself.

At 11 years old Junko finally arrived at the stable L’aitoitblue for boarding. I had heard may times, from may people, that they used Nutri-Foin System Hay at their farm and that this hay was supposed to be very good for horses with respiratory problems. Desperate, I decided to give it a try.

To date, and to my incredible surprise, Junko has not had an asthma attack since he arrived and his breathing has returned to normal. In my first year of boarding, I would wait for the seasons to change to see how his health would be affected and nothing happened. Junko was always fine. His breathing remained normal in spring and the following autumn. He has been in perfect health ever since.

My horse’s respiratory heath has been ameliorated by 300%. The Nutri- Foin System has controlled Junko’s asthma and his breathing is normal. I know he will always be a fragile horse due to his years of sickness, but people I meet cannot believe that he was a horse that suffered incredible respiratory problems!

Thanks to the Nutri- Foin System, I now have great optimism when I think about Junko’s future. His life has been forever changed.

Junko! Here is to a long life!

Nutri-Foin System here is to a long Life! Thank you!

I only hope that all the other horses in Junko’s position can be put out of there suffering, using The Nutri-Foin System!