The Story of Flocon de Neige

The Story of Flocon de Neige

Flocon de Neige was a 6-year-old pony that was fed only pelleted hay at The Pony Club where she was discovered by her new owner and her 7-year-old daughter.

The two were impressed and enamoured with Flocon de Neige’s loving and willing personality and her great ability to do obstacles and jumps.

The Pony Club, who sold Flocon de Neige, never advised the new owners of her condition or dietary needs. Therefore, they were completely unaware of any of her health issues or dietary needs as they rode away with their new pony.

After arriving at her new home, in her new stable, Flocon de Neige was fed hay, as her new owners remained completely oblivious to her health needs or feeding requirements. Her condition began to deteriorate. Her breathing became laboured and her health was declining quickly.

After being evaluated at the University Of Montreal’s Veterinary Hospital in St. Hyacinth, Flocon was diagnosed with Recurrent Airway Obstruction (RAO).

No medicinal treatments prescribed by doctors helped improve Flocon de Neige’s medical condition or symptoms. Her health was still steadily declining and she was suffering. She was completely unable to work.

Flocon de Neige’s new family was at a loss. She was incapable of being ridden and would never be able to compete with her new owner’s children. She was very sick and in distress.

A young girl, Gilyane, who had been following Snowflake’s story stepped in and offered to take Flocon de Neige from her owners in order to try and care for her enormous needs.

Flocon de Neige was now living in an outdoor paddock close to a residential area. Neighbours quickly began to complain about the constant loud and heart retching noises made by the horse. Her breathing had become so bad; she laboured to take a breath at a resting position. Still, no medically prescribed treatments had any positive effect on her condition.

Very discouraged, Flocon de Neige’s new owner Gilyane, contacted Danielle and Serge, who developed Nutri-Foin System for help.

Flocon de Neige was making the journey from Lanaudiere Quebec to Mirabel Quebec, where she would be boarded at a facility that fed their horses with hay treated by The Nutri-Foin System only.

Within a couple of months of eating strictly Nutri- Foin hay, Flocon de Neige’s health made a marvellous recovery. All her symptoms disappeared and she no longer required any medication. Her breathing had returned to normal. She now lives a life of a sound, happy and healthy horse; she jumps, runs and does her obstacles. She can be ridden and enjoys her work.

Flocon de Neige’s health and quality of life reverted to normal, completely and quickly thanks to the unprecedented and incredible results of the Nutri-Hay System.

Danielle, Laitoibleu

Flocon before

Flocon After