The Story of Pepsi

The Story of Pepsi

Pepsi's lung problems began in March 2015 after several years of sporadic coughing incidents during workouts. During his first serious asthma attack we immediately contacted a veterinarian and started him on medication, which consisted of anti-inflammatories, antihistamines, Respi-free, glycerin, Herbs for Horses, camellia oil (name them all...we tried them!!). Despite the constant treatments and our best intentions, his symptoms did not get better. Pepsi had difficulty breathing, coughed a lot even during rest and when asked to work out there was white discharge and phlegm that came out of his nostrils.

We bought Pepsi to the St Hyacinth Veterinary hospital to get a clear diagnosis. The verdict was given that Pepsi suffered from recurrent airway obstruction (Heaves). The recommendations were clear: Pepsi would no longer be able to eat hay, would have to live outside and take Ventolin pumps and Ventolin for the rest of his life to control his breathing.

It is with a heavy heart that we withdrew hay from his diet and replaced it by alfalfa cubes and he pellets.

Every day, I went to the barn and gave him his Ventolin pump and Cortisone medication, which cost me a fortune. Despite all my efforts, Pepsi's health was still unstable and I could see my horse was also suffering from his limited diet

In April 2016, after exhausting all my financial resources and heartbroken to see my horse in such a terrible state, I decided to trust Danielle and Serge with their Nutri- Foin System.

It has been over two months now and Pepsi has resumed a completely normal life. He eats Nutri-Foin hay, lives outside with his friends and has not received a single dose of medication! I now work him out without any worry. He has lost weight and is in perfect shape. He now lives a beautiful life as a normal healthy horse! The product that Danielle and Serge have developed and is unique and has completely changed my life and that of my horse! I can never thank them enough for giving me my Pepsi back!

Anne-Charlotte Brust