The Stroy of Maybe

The Stroy of Maybe

My name is Nadia and I would like to share the story of my horse’s journey. My life’s dream was complete when I acquired my first horse. She is a magnificent black quarter horse, it was love at first sight, and I named her Maybe.

In October 2015 I noticed that my horse was coughing a little before workouts. I called my vet who prescribed a month of daily intramuscular cortisone injections.

A few weeks after completing the treatment, Maybe’s cough returned with a vengeance. She was loosing weight and had difficulty breathing. I immediately called the vet and asked him to come back. He suggested another round of cortisone injections for 10 days. There was absolutely no improvement in her health or breathing whatsoever. She was deteriorating quickly before my eyes.

At this point another prescription available to Maybe was a long acting cortisone injection which usually is effective in relieving horses. In Maybe’s case however, the injection had very short lifespan and within a few weeks she was very sick, her cough was back, she had difficulty breathing and she was visibly unwell.

In February 2016, I brought my horse to the Veterinary Hospital in St. Hyacinth. After examining Maybe and conducting a lavage of her trachea, airways and alveolus she was diagnosed with severe heaves.

The test results indicated that Maybe had a neutrophil level of 90% at the tracheal level and a level of 59% in her lung alveolus which is enormous. The norm is between 0% and 5% neutrophil level for normal horses.

They advised me to use a hay steamer or to give her pelleted hay. I chose to use the hay steamer.

Everything went well for two months, after that her cough returned as severe as before. I could no longer ride her, Maybe had difficulty walking without severe difficulty breathing. This time it was insupportable my horse could not breathe even at rest. I was desperate to help her and I had no idea what to do next.

Extremely discouraged, I let my feelings pour on Facebook where I shared my experience and asked for help. It was then that a friend had mentioned the Nutri-Foin System.

May 3rd 2016 I spoke to Danielle and Serge, they welcomed Maybe and I in with open arms. Maybe went to live at their farm and they helped me to care for her health as if she were their own horse.

After a couple of days on Nutri-Foin, Maybe completely stopped coughing. Here is a picture when she arrived at Danielle and Serge’s Farm:

After two months on Nutri-Foin hay Maybe’s coat, which was in a pitiful state prior, was now silky, thick and soft. The more weeks that passed the better maybes state got. She began to gain weight and her breathing was completely back to normal. We decided to put her back to work.

In December 2016 the Nutri- Foin team asked me if they could have Maybe re-evaluated at the Veterinary hospital in St. Hyacynth. They wanted to re-check Maybe’s physical internal state using the same methods used on her first exam to evaluate her current neutrophil levels and inflammation in her trachea, lungs, alveolus and airways. The results were phenomenal! Maybe’s levels had returned to normal, all inflammation was gone. Maybes neutrophil level was at 4%!!!

My Maybe’s recovery and health is part of the miracles achieved with the Nutri- Foin System.

Nadia Bertin-Leblanc

Maybe at it's arrival

After a few week with the Nutri-Foin