Neutralisant Professionnel

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(Available in 18 liters)

The Neutralizer used with the Nutri-Foin System is a cold-pressed, 100% natural soybean oil. Through our mechanical, patent-pending process, the Neutralizer is completely bound to the fibers of the hay, trapping respirable dust particles and allergens.

Having undergone no chemical treatment, the neutralizer retains all its nutritive qualities, vitamins and minerals (among many others; omega 6 and 3 and vitamin E).

Regular Formula Neutralizer

The Regular Neutralizer is made from soybean oil acquired by a first cold pressing process. The Regular Neutralizer is an important natural source of tocopherols (vitamin E), a powerful antioxidant. It is also a high quality, raw, fully vegetable, highly digestible, source of energy. This Formula naturally enriches your horse's diet program with unsaturated omega-6 and omega-3 fatty acids.

Professional Formula Neutralizer

The Professional Formula Neutralizer is made from soybean oil prepared by a first cold pressing process. This process allows the oil to retain amino acids, essential in equine nutrition. Including a sulfur-containing food additive, this Neutralizer accelerates the assimilation of the nutrient values of your horse’s daily rations. The professional Formula Neutralizer will decrease your horse’s recovery rate when at work. As a result, your partner will stay focused longer. This formula is also a natural energy promoter which will increase your horse’s stamina and facilitate the achievement of your objectives.