Operate your Nutri-Foin Processer in a few simple steps:

  • Unlock and remove the padlock from the main interrupter dial. Turn the main interrupter dial to position I
  • Pour the Neutralizer into the Neutralizer dispenser
  • Open the entry door. Insert the hay into the Processor
  • Push the selector switch toward the timer. Set the timer to 11 minutes for softer hay and 13 minutes for hard, thick or brittle hay
  • Open the knob to the valve on the Neutralizer dispenser to release the Neutralizer into the Processor
  • When the timer stops, the Processor will automatically stop
  • Slide the exit door upwards to open
  • Push the selector switch towards the empty button. Press the empty button to allow the hay to evacuate from the exit door

Financing Application


  • Transforms dry and dusty hay into soft, uniform feed similar to pasture forage.
  • You can easily integrate your horse’s vitamins, minerals and supplements
  • Easily mix different hay varieties
  • No water or stream- A clean, dry process
  • The Processor capacity is 45lbs of hay per treatment cycle. It takes only 15 minutes to process enough hay for 2 days for 1 horse
  • Nutri Foin Processed hay has a long shelf life. It can be conserved several days, or be prepared in advance