Answers to frequently asked questions

How long will it take to see the results of feeding Nutri-Foin Hay to my horse?
The results are fast. You can expect to see your horse stop coughing within two weeks of beginning it on Nutri-Foin Hay.
How Do I introduce Nutri Foin Hay to my horse's diet?
You can introduce Nutri-Foin Hay immediately and exclusively. It is recommended to feed your horse only hay that has been treated in the Nutri- Foin System Processor as of the first use. It is strongly advised not to feed your horse any other untreated dry hay as of the day of introduction of Nutri-Foin Hay.
Will my horses eating habits change initially when I introduce Nutri-Foin Hay to my horse's diet?
Your horse will consume less hay in the first three to four days after starting Nutri-Foin Hay due to the change in the smell of the hay. Your horses hay consumption will normalize as the horse acclimatizes to the new smell.
I started my horse on Nutri-Foin Hay and my horse does not eat as much. Why?
Regular hay is difficult for horses to digest. Horses fed regular hay need to eat more in order to feel satiated. The stems of Nutri- Foin Hay are broken, making Nutri- Foin Hay more digestible. Horses fed Nutri -Foin Hay eat less because they feel full faster.
Can my horse eat both untreated hay and Nutri-Foin Hay if I keep my horse outdoors?
No. For a horse fed with Nutri-Foin Hay, it is not recommended to feed it any other dry untreated hay.
My horse suffers from COPD (Heaves) but cannot stand the cold. Can I stall my horse and feed it Nutri-Foin Hay?
Yes, you can put your horse in a stall. If you stall your horse, it is important to make sure that the bedding you use is dust free and that the stable is well ventilated.
My horse suffers from laminitis. Is it ok to feed it Nutri-Foin Hay?
Yes, as long as you ensure that the hay you are using is low in sugar, it is fine to feed a horse with laminitis Nutri-Foin Hay.
I compete. How do I bring my Nutri-Foin Hay with me?
You can easily transport Nutri-Foin hay in bags or in bins.
I am going on Vacation and I want to prepare my hay in advance. What should I do?
You can prepare your Nutri -Foin Hay in advance. Ensure to store the treated hay in an area that is not in contact with moisture or direct sunlight.
Is it normal for my horse that eats Nutri-Foin Hay to have lost his hay belly? Why?
Yes, it is normal. Horses that start eating Nutri-Foin Hay may look like they have lost their hay belly, lost weight, or look less bloated. This is due to the difference in digestibility of Nutri-Foin Hay versus regular hay. As the stems of the hay made with the Nutri-Foin System are broken during treatment, Nutri-Foin Hay is much easier for a horse to digest.
I have had a very poor first-cut of hay and the second cut is too rich. What should I do?
Mixing both the first and second cut of hay will give you a balanced blend.
I just received an order of mould free but very dusty hay. Can the Nutri-Foin System Processor treat it?
Yes, the Nutri-Foin System can treat extremely dusty hay. For hay that is very dusty, add more Neutralizer before treating the hay in the Nutri-Foin Processor.
My horse is prone to colic or diarrhea at every transition of hay. Can Nutri-Foin help me?
Yes, Nutri-Foin Hay can be helpful for colicky horses and horses with sensitive stomachs. Because the stems of hay treated with The Nutri-Foin System are more digestible, it is not as hard to transition horses with sensitive stomachs. You can also transition your horse by mixing both the old hay with the new hay during the period of transition.
My old horse has trouble eating hay. Can Nutri-Foin Hay help?
Yes Nutri-Foin Hay will definitely help geriatric horses that have difficulty ingesting hay. Due to the fact that the stems of Nutri-Foin Hay are broken, the hay will be much easier for your horse to ingest and digest.
Can I free feed my horse with Nutri-Foin Hay?
Yes, you can feed your horse as much Nutri- Foin Hay as you want at anytime.
I feed my horse outside. How do I serve my horse Nutri- Foin Hay?
You can serve Nutri- Foin Hay in bins, feeders, directly on the ground, or on any other desired surface. Never feed your horse any hay on a sandy surface.
How do I make the transition from last year’s hay to this year’s hay without any problems?
To make a smooth transition from last year’s hay to this year’s hay, gradually mix the two hays together in the Nutri-Foin System Processor over a two-week period.