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    The Nutri-Foin System neutralizes the breathable dust and allergens found in hay.

    (Dust and allergens found in hay are major causes of respiratory diseases in horses. )

    The Nutri-Foin System is the solution for creating a healthy breathing environment for horses suffering from heaves, recurrent airway obstruction (RAO), severe equine asthma (SEA), COPD, and other respiratory problems.

    (Photo credit : Patrice Mathieu patricemathieu.com)


What is The Nutri-Foin System?

The Nutri-Foin System, is a machine that, through a patent-pending methodology, integrates a neutralizing agent, made from 100% natural soybean oil, into the fibers of your hay. The Nutri-Foin Process eliminates the effect of respirable dust and allergens in hay, and increases its nutritional value.

The Nutri-Foin Processor

Capacity: 45ibs of hay per treatment. Feeds 1 horse for 2 days in 15 minutes.

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Nutri-Foin Neutralizers

Neutralisant Professionnel
Available in 18 liter barrels

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An Evolution in Equine Respiratory Care and Nutrition

The Benefits of The Nutri-Foin System

Neutralizes the dust and allergens responsible for respiratory diseases

Increases the nutritional value of your hay

Increases the digestibility of your hay

Hay can be conserved, made in advance, and easily transported

Reduces the risk of colic as it produces a feed lower in starch

No steam or water used. The process is easy, clean and dry

Transforms your hay in less than 15 minutes

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